GSM around the world!

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After a couple of trips and roaming charges from my carrier in the U.S. while traveling on business to South America and Caribbean I quickly realized as a small business owner that there had to be a better way! That was 10 years ago, and mobile phones have evolved to amazing technologies but are still limited when it comes to global travel.

After several years of searching for the perfect global coverage from all U.S. carriers I realized that it was going to be a real challenge to find an affordable, but mostly a reliable service to find coverage in countries around the world with my roaming options.

In 2007 I had to attend a trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. By then I had an iPhone 3G that had just been released to market in USA.  As soon as I landed I had perfect signal and all the roaming messages started coming up in my screen.  While waiting for my bags at the Frankfurt Airport, several people approached to take a look at the new iPhone, so I thought! In fact the comments were “pity is a locked phone” and similar! That was my introduction to GSM.

Since I had just upgraded my phone, I still had a great LG Quad-Band band mobile phone that I pulled out in a local mobile store in the city by the main train station. They offered to unlock for a fee of 30E. When I asked why unlock? With a grin… they showed a map on the wall with all GSM carriers in Europe that I would be able to use the phone with by just replacing the SIM card (ssubscriber Identity Module) on my unlocked Quad-Band LG phone.

From that moment on… My new iPhone was off. I was able to text, call locally and receive calls.  Since then I have been a GSM user wherever I go!

Robert Rivera (from the ground!)